TwT 360 - Free until the Summer

With Welsh schools closed from tomorrow, we know that teachers across the country are working hard planning for distance learning. With technology such a crucial tool in the process, TwT 360 are going to do everything possible to help:

1. All of TwT 360's resources will be available for free for any and every Welsh school until the end of the academic year. Our resources are created for primary schools, but secondary schools are more than welcome to create an account to check if there's anything here that may help them. Just click the button below and create an account for your school. These free accounts will have access to all our resources and will remain open until September 1st 2020.

2. To ensure that the schools who have already paid to use our resources aren't missing out, their subscription will be extended by 5 months.

3. During these unprecedented times, TwT 360 will increase our focus on creating video guides and resources that your teachers can send straight to pupils to help them with their digital tasks whilst distance learning.

4. We will continue to create activities for important dates, and of course all of the Framework Fixer activities will continue to be available as normal.

This has not been an easy decision for us. TwT 360 are a small Welsh business, and this change will mean that there will be no income whatsoever coming from our website for the next 5 months. But we believe this is the correct action to take, in the hope that our resources will be of use to teachers who are working so hard to deal with the current situation.

Please let your colleagues in other schools know that all these resources are now available for free, and share on social media so that as many teachers as possible can benefit.

We want to hear from you about the types of resources that will be of most use to you during this difficult period. Send suggestions to us on Twitter (@TwT360) or via email (

We are also more than happy to give advice to any school who have questions on the use of technology for distance learning. Contact us anytime.

Kind regards,

Guto Aaron
Director - TwT 360