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Teaching the Digital Competence Framework for Wales

Everything you need to implement the Digital Competence Framework for Wales in your primary school.

250+ activities, instructions, video guides and more


We make it easy to use technology in your classroom

TwT 360 has been created by teachers, for teachers. Our aim is to see that every teacher in every school in Wales feels comfortable using technology in their lessons and we have created the activities, guides and articles in TwT 360 to achieve just that. Whether you're confident in technology or wary of it, TwT 360 will ensure that you and your school are never short of effective and simple ways of including it in your lessons.

What is TwT 360?

Since the launch of the Digital Competence Framework, and with the new curriculum on the horizon, digital skills have become a priority for most primary schools in Wales. With all the time pressures put on teachers, many find it hard to devote the time to implement all of the elements and skills required.

TwT 360 is here to help! Our teachers have created hundreds of activities, each one following a simple brief:

  • Created specifically to fulfil DCF elements.

  • Written in simple, easy to follow language.

  • Adaptable to any theme or subject.

Framework Fixer

200+ cross-curricular activities, all written by teachers to help you teach all the elements of the DCF from Nursery to Year 6.

Step by Step Guides

A combination of detailed instructions and video guides makes our activities easy to follow even for the less ICT-confident teachers.

Seasonal Activities

New themed activities added throughout the year, coinciding with holidays, events and days of importance to Wales. 

Updated Regularly

TwT 360 is kept fully up to date with all aspects of educational technologies and we update and add new activities regularly.

TwT 360 has been of great benefit to us as a school as we begin to map the Digital Competence Framework  to match our cross-curricular themes. This is a resource that is easy to use (your ICT skills do not need to be very good!) and offers a lot of practical ideas that teachers can present to enable their pupils to develop skills that suit the digital life of the twenty-first century.


Even for those teachers who have less confidence in presenting some of the skills that are presented in the Framework, the instructions on TwT 360 are clear and the tasks are explained in a way that enables you to present them effectively and in an interesting way for the pupils. The idea of introducing new resources to match notable events is an effective way of keeping the provision current and up to date.

Iolo Williams

Ysgol Mynydd Bychan, Cardiff

Framework Fixer

200+ Activities

The Framework Fixer has over 200 activities to help implement the Digital Competence Framework from Nursery to Year 6.

Framework Links

Every single element of the Digital Competence Framework has its own set of activities for every primary school year to ensure you cover every aspect.

Step by Step

All of our activities are described in detail, with explanations, images, step by step guides and success criteria provided.

Video Guides

Some of the more complicated activities, (especially spreadsheets and coding!) have video guides, showing you exactly how to prepare and teach the tasks.


Jargon Free

Every word of TwT 360 is written by teachers, so you can be sure that every activity is suitable for classrooms and written in plain English.

Unlimited Access

With one school account, your whole staff can access all our resources, including all updates.

Optimised Content

All of our content is optimised for viewing on computers, tablets or mobiles.


TwT 360 subscribing schools can receive discounts on Educational Technology CPD


We make it easy to use technology in your classroom

Every word on TwT 360 has been written by teachers in Welsh primary schools with experience of training teachers to use technology effectively in the classroom. The activities and guides in TwT 360 have been created specifically to introduce and re-enforce the skills of the new Digital Competence Framework for Wales.

Seasonal Activities

Halloween, Christmas, 6 Nations Rugby, St David's Day, Easter, World Cup Football - we are committed to creating activities for important events all year round. As with our Framework Fixer, all of our Seasonal Activities are written with DCF elements in mind and have clear instructions to help you introduce them to your pupils.